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About us

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From MUSO’s for MUSO’s,

We are a bunch of musicians who have been playing and recording for years. As our passion progressed, we realized that the market is full of retail stores selling equipment, but also that the market was only about profit and a quick sale. As a young, eager musician, I realized that the knowledge to equip young, hungry wanting musicians today, is more than picking up a guitar or getting a quick set of drums, or buying a quick microphone, or a cheap second-hand keyboard.

Tomorrows new musicians need the right help and advice today. They need encouragement and the right set of tools. With the internet and a world of capabilities, we realized that we can share our passion to help and empower others so that they don’t need to battle like we did. All youngsters want to play an instrument some time, but with the wrong help or none at all, they give up after 2 months never to return again. I have seen this time and again. For us this is very very SAD. If the willingness is there and the fuel is burned, make sure you feel that desire…if not, you KILL it.

If a young child wants to play but don’t have parents that assist or any friends that can play already, the chances of him succeeding is 1 to none. Without help, you are more than likely doomed for failure. We are here to try and stop that from happening. Our motto is to not only be the leading music store in Africa, but to equip tomorrows children or professional musicians today. Because we believe the right advice and motivation today will help create the “MUSO” of tomorrow.

Every new young “MUSO” gained is an individual that can enjoy and live life to the fullest as part of this wonderful gift of creating music and to enjoy the gift of life. Thus we know that a “MUSO” created today is a client for life. As “YOUR MUSO Store” we see you as our client as a partner to help equip not only you, but also all the generations to come. To create “MUSO’S” for life. This is also the reason for the name of our STORE. It is “YOUR Store”. We want to be more than suppliers but be your helping hand creating a long life friendship for life.

Our whole idea for starting this store is different. Thank you for playing your part in this wonderful journey……