Harmony Singer 2 Guitar Effect


Harmony Singer 2 Guitar Effect


Vocal Processing Pedal with Up to 2 Harmony Voices, Tone Control, and Rever

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Product Description

Instant, Studio-grade Vocal Harmonies

The TC-Helicon Harmony Singer 2 pedal dynamically polishes your vocal sound, adding musically appropriate vocal harmonies to your performance. Three TC Electronic-designed reverb types are available with independent mix control, while Adaptive Tone processing automatically adds Equalization, compression. Background vocals are added by analyzing your incoming guitar signal while it uses your own voice to create professional-sounding harmonies.

Personal Sound Tech

HARMONY SINGER 2’s Adaptive Tone combines Equalization with compression. Ensuring every note is very clear and intelligible. When the crowd hears exactly what you’re singing and they can join in, there’s nothing better than that!

Ease of Use

You’re a singer first and foremost, so getting knee-deep in technology probably isn’t what your gig calls for. That’s why HARMONY SINGER 2 automatically sets your mic gain to the optimal level, allowing you to concentrate on giving your best performance – night after night.

Power Options

HARMONY SINGER 2 gives you the option of either plug-in power via the optional POWERPLUG 9V adapter – or 4x AA battery operation for those occasions when you’re just doing a short set, or house power isn’t readily available

Your Best Performance

Whether you’re playing at the local tavern or at a huge festival, your vocals always deserve special attention. HARMONY SINGER 2 gives you the tools to always sound your best with harmony backup vocals, state-of-the-art reverb, and Adaptive Tone – all in an ultra-simple stompbox designed to elevate your performance to the next level.

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Additional Information

Weight .417 kg
Dimensions 13.7 × 8.9 × 5.8 cm


TC-Helicon Harmony Singer 2 Pedal Features:

  • Adaptive Tone delivers great vocals with just the right amount of EQ, compression, and de-essing
  • Harmony notes are generated from your analyzed guitar signal
  • Choose from 8 harmony arrangements
  • 3 powerful TC Electronic reverb choices – room, hall, and club
  • Separate mix level for harmonies
  • Battery powered