Singular Sound Beatbuddy Foot switch

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Singular Sound Beatbuddy Foot switch


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Product Description

Singular Sound Beatbuddy Foot switch

Momentary switches provide quieter operation and increased functionality, Over latching switches present in other pedals. When you pair the Singular Sound Foot switch with the BeatBuddy it gives you even more control over the beat. Right out of the box you get the ability to trigger accent hits, pause/unpause the beat. And navigate songs, genre, and tempo. When used with the Singular Sound BeatBuddy, you can do even more with this like setting it to act as the main pedal.

But it doesn’t stop there! It is hands down the best multipurpose 2 button foot switch on the market. It’s built like a tank, is more comfortable than it has any right to be, and offers quiet, momentary switches. And the all metal design and 2 year warranty to back that up.

Additional Information

Weight .51 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 8.89 × 3.81 cm


  • Lets you add accent hits, pause/unpause the beat, and choose song, genre and BPM, and more when used with the BeatBuddy or BeatBuddy MINI
    •Ergonomically designed buttons and a slim, angled housing make it the world’s most comfortable footswitch
    •Built to last with sturdy metal switch components and an all metal housing
    •Momentary switches result in quiet, smooth operation and the ability to both press and hold the button for separate commands
    •Use the included 1/4″ low profile right-angle TRS stereo cable or substitute it for your own stereo cable
    Functions (when used with the BeatBuddy):
    •Keep the BeatBuddy at eye level while using one of the buttons on the Footswitch to do everything the BeatBuddy’s onboard switch could do. (Start/stop the beat, control fills and transitions)
    •Press the left switch during a song to trigger an accent hit. (Can be any sound and different for each song part.)
    •Pause/unpause the beat during a song with the right switch.
    •During song selection, hold the right switch to enter/exit folders.
    •During song selection tap the right switch to advance to the next song/folder.